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  • Agenda and novelties

Agenda and novelties

Animation during the weekends

Saturday 18 April 2020, from 14:30: parade of the Venetian Costumes --> CANCELLED

Sundau 19 April 2020, from 10:30 and 14:30: parade of the Venetian Costumes --> CANCELLED

Satuday 02 May 2020, in the afternoon: music academy of Dilbeek 



For the upcoming edition of Floralia Brussels 2020, more flower bulbs have been planted than ever before, more than 1.6 million spring flower bulbs. It looks like spring will be very early, so be there on time. This year, the Guirlande was planted in the colours of the Belgian flag.

We have planted a number of new varieties of tulips:
Exquisit, a double late purple with white, White Ice, Bulls Eye all comparable to the tulip Ice Cream. As a new hyacinth we have a double red named ‘Red Diamond’ from our loyal producer M.J. de Groot from Lisse.

Piet Pennings has again sent a nice assortment of Daffodils.

Further, there will be more than 500 bulbs of different Fritillaria Imperialis (the Imperial Crown) species from the producers Onderwater and Florex.
New this year is the exhibition in the little greenhouse. Here we present the range of Ansu, the vanda orchids as flower and plant, with the new Ansu plantae line among which the Tilandsia and the Sansevieria Black Line Because the Vandas are no longer in the Chapel, we have found a new line of orchids from the producer Fransen. They are sending in 13 new species Dendrobium Sa-Nook orchids, which can be admired in the chapel next to many other types of Orchids.

Once again you can admire many flower arrangements in the large greenhouse. This show will be renewed every Friday by our florists, led by  Kees Tak.