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  • Agenda and novelties 2019

Agenda and novelties

Animation during the weekends



The well known Rembrandt tulips Triumph with petals brushed in strokes of contrasting color.

The tulip Rococo fantastic parrot with carmine petals edged fire red and looking like parrot feathers.

The tulip Brooklyn is a curiosity with a main white flower with wide green petals extending down the stem.

New breed from the Tulip Princesse Irène, tulip Triumph Ravana has a bright yellow bloom with dark orange flames inside the petals.

Named for the traditional Dutch pastry, Tom Pouce, has a large, pale to bright pink flower with a creamy, golden-yellow base.

Hyacinth Dark Dimension, the flower is so dark that it is almost black.

Kasteel van Groot-bijgaarden presenteert Wintermoments with flowers (21-25 Nov 2019)Info & Tickets